OnTopMES Cloud Cobot

IIoT -connect cobots automatically in minutes

Full telemetry including production, cycle times, disruptions and produvtivity etc. of cobots from Universal Robots™ och tools from OnRobot™ 

Independent or integrated with OnTop™MES Cloud IIoT and/or OnTop™MES Cloud Assembly

Quick Start Guide

Unpack your secure plug & play OnTop™ datalogger and place it inside the UR™ Control Box.

Connect the OnTop™ datalogger to the LAN/Internet with a CAT5/6 LAN (RJ45) cable and to a 24V power supply.

OnTop™ datalogger connects automatically when the UR™ Cobot is powered up.

Start real-time visualization of your UR™ Cobot in your preferred web browser.