OnTop MES Cloud

 Powered by Microsoft Azure™since 2010

Managed Shop-Floor Execution Systems

Automated and manual manufacturing processes

Automatic data capture

Smart and flexible "plug-in" OnTop dataloggers to connect all production equipment – from the oldest to the most modern – automatically.

Scanning of barcode, QRCode and RFID

Comprehensive Statistics

Global integration of OnTop™ MES systems 

Microsoft Azure™ API Gateway and APIM for easy integration with ERPs (optional)


Swedish, English, German, Spanish, French, Czech and more.

Best value for money

Save the entire cost of having your own IT staff and consultants. No investment needed.

Subscribe at a low and fixed monthly cost, including your exclusive database and seamless scaling.

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GPS for workshops

Digital Gembadashboards

It's all about teamwork, communication and decision-making.

Create and manage real-time content and messages across all types of screens and smart devices.

Top level security and availability

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Operation, monitoring and maintenance 24/7/365 since 2010 on Microsoft Azure

Georedundance between datacenters to prevent disruption of service

Dedicated database and AI-optimized resources

Automatic and free updates

Simultaneous and seamless updates for all users  - free of charge. Join our global development team and contribute with your ideas!

Flexible and scalable

Scale system resources up and down at any time

Unlimited number of users

Top-class support


" We have been using OnTop for many years with very good results for visualization on monitors in production and at each cell. OnTop has been well received and perceived as simple and intuitive.

Reporting is done quickly and easily and the automatic logging of production and disruptions is reliable. OnTop creates reliable statistics for the continuous improvement work.

We can configure OnTop ourselves according to our own business needs. We feel that OnTop provides very good support through its responsiveness, high availability and speed in implementing improvements."

Advanced machining of transmission components for the automotive industry

Sales 60 MEUR

" OnTop is flexible with quick start-up. By measuring in 3 processes, we have identified a number of possible improvements which have contributed to an improved understanding of the processes and increase in value-added time. Support has been very good for improvements, training and accessibility." 

Global Gas Turbine industry

" We have never had to think about installation, function or maintenance. We trust the data. The reporting function is extensive. Good support. We have made investments based on the OnTop data showing that we could achieve 15% higher productivity in 6 cells."

Automotive industry

Advanced machining of diesel engine components 

Sales 20 MEUR

" OnTop is introduced at all 16 stations in the production flow, from pre-assembly via main assembly to testing and packing of finished goods. OnTop shows exactly where all orders are in the production flow. OnTop has replaced all the planning boards that we used before. OnTop has been well received and perceived as simple and intuitive and provides a very good real-time view as well as follow-up of assembly work and lead times as well as disruptions. OnTop is perceived as very responsive to our wishes.

Manufacturer of complex equipment for the forestry  industry

Sales 40 MEUR